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Published: 04th January 2011
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Mostly in India travellers prefer trains for the safe and comfortable journey. Due to this, there has been a great increment in the ticket bookings and often get booked in advance. There is a number printed on the ticket known as PNR (Passenger Number record). This number allotted to those passengers who want to reserve their seats and berth for their journey. This number helps the passenger to have the PNR Status Enquiry easily.

In olden times passengers face much difficulty to inquire about PNR status. It is a kind of a struggle to have the PNR status enquiry by waiting in long queues.

But today online reservation and PNR enquiry check has been started to make things more comfortable for the passengers. Online PNR status enquiry has currently taken a great toll and has reduced the interference of the agents.

Indian railways provide many ways to inquire about PNR Status. Some of them are mentioned here as under:

1. Through Phone: Call 139 and enter the railway PNR number. You van get the latest PNR status.

2. Through Mobile Phone: Just type the 10 digit PNR number and sends it via SMS to 9773300000 to get the PNR Status over the mobile phone.

Through SMS: Mobile users can SMS on 139 -

Syntax-: PNR PNR NUMBER and send it to 139

After starting PNR status enquiry online, there is no need to waste the time by standing on the counters as this could be easily done just by your fingertips along with home comfort. Now, passengers are not bound to use a single channel for their enquiry.

Indian Railways provide concession in railway fares to blind person, orthopaedically handicapped person, deaf and dumb person, mentally retarded person. IRCTC also provides online concession tickets to children and Senior Citizens. Issuing of online concession ticket to physically disabled persons will provide a lot of help to these under privileged, as this will reduce the physical movement and strain of these people.

For more information about PNR Status, Ticket Concession and other Railway Information> visit the online portal.

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